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Immersion Hand Blender


Once you have a immersion blender, you'll be asking yourself "why did I wait so long".

5 in 1 Versatile Kitchenware: FUNAVO immersion hand blender set is consists of stick blender grinder, 500ml chopper, 600ml beaker, whisk and frother. This is what you need to make the perfect soups, smoothies, sauces, dips, mayo, salsa, pesto, pancakes, batter, pastries and so much more. 

Push-button design making it easy to use one-handed, blending right in a  pan, pitcher, or bowl. 12 levels speed offer greater flexibility on handling sweet or savory tasks. TURBO mode uses the maximum blender speed to solve tough cutting

The ergonomic grip reduces hand fatigue while offering great control and stability. Small enough to store in a drawer and the hook on the grip is convenient to hang on wall

All attachments of handheld emulsion blender are detachable and dishwasher safe except the blender handle(because of copper motor inside). All food-contact components are made of BPA-free material which are safe for cooking



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