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Square Induction Casserole Dish


This saucepan with lid is ideal for heating up sauces, making ramen, oatmeal, and spaghetti with meatballs. Energy saving diamond non stick coating. Its superior performance and improved conductivity means the pan heats up faster and is more responsive. The polished diamond coating on this high quality pan is impermeable to almost everything.

Saucepan features innovative 3-D diamond texture that creates tiny air pockets between the pan surface and your food for the best nonstick cooking experience. It distributes high heat quickly and evenly to the entire cooking surface to perfect your steak , fish, vegetable, fried egg, or any thing you are craving.

Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Safe.

Perfect for all cook-tops. Safe for the stove, and oven. Optimal choice for everyday cooking, dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning.  

Winner for any kitchen. So easy to make delicious foods!


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