Baby Food Processor


The Baby steamer and blender provide you with a truly intelligent operation. Just press the automatic button, and the baby processor can complete the steaming and mixing work for you, eliminating tedious and redundant steps.

Our multifunctional Baby Processor can provide you with steam heating, stirring and constant temperature preservation. It is suitable for all fruits, vegetables, and meats. It can also heat milk, keep warm, and even self-sterilize.

The LED digital version in the Baby Warmer Machine can set the constant temperature time to keep milk at an optimal temperature, care for the baby’s intestinal health, and enhance the baby’s resistance.

The baby blender has two different mixing modes. When the results of automatic mixing are not satisfactory, you can use the touch screen to precisely control the degree of mixing. You can stop or activate the stirring function at any time to meet the baby's needs for different food tastes.

This product is thoughtfully equipped with a large-capacity mixing bowl and high-quality precision 4 blades to help you easily complete mixing. It is also equipped with a water shortage smart reminder function that will remind you when the baby steamer is short of water

Smart Touch LCD Panel

Clear touch control panel makes operation easy

Automatically Steams & Blends With ONE Button

Make up to 400ML of homemade baby food in the same bowl with the push of 1 button. in minutes, you ’ll have natural and delicious Homemade baby food

Custom your Baby Food Stages

Our blending and Inching Blend options allow you to make your ideal food consistency

Blend Food Easily

The special blade design can grind any food, fruits, vegetables, and meat. You can combine them better

24-hour heat preservation

Our baby food maker is equipped with 24-hour heat preservation function. When the baby is hungry, he can eat warm food at any time. You can even put a bottle in the water tank to warm the milk.

Ultra-large capacity

Large-capacity mixing container can easily make a week’s baby food, allowing you to spend more quality time caring for and enjoying your little one.

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