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Air Fryer Toaster Oven


This air fryer oven features balance heating system to fry food. Oil-free cooking method drives out the extra fat in the food itself, while maintaining deep fried crispiness. With 7 pre-set cooking functions, this 19 quarts convection oven will simplify any cooking tasks, including toasting, roasting, dehydrating, broiling, baking, etc. You can conveniently adjust time, temperature, cooking function and toast time. Prepare ample gourmet food for your family members with ease. The  transparent window and interior lighting allow you to monitor the food easily while cooking. 

Package includes:

1 Air Fryer toaster oven

1 Fry basket

1 Oven rack

1 Baking pan

1 Crumb tray 1 Oven mitt

Get healthy food that is crispy outside and tender inside with the air fryer toaster oven!




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